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Installation of new front sight

If the front sight is not equipped with a locking screw, it is necessary to adjust the new front sight.
  1. Eject the front sight coiled pin, fixing the original front sight in the slide.
  2. Pull off the original front sight and push the new front sight until the end of the groove is reached.
  3. By taping to front sight pin, mark the position for the transverse groove in the base of new front sight.
  4. Pull off the new front sight and using the file make a transverse groove at the marked spot, perpendicular to the axis of the front sight.
  5. Push new front sight back to the slide and insert a drill with a diameter of 2 mm and start drilling the hole in the front sight base through holes in the slide.
  6. Tape the coiled pin to fix the front sight.

We recommend this operation to be performed by an experienced gunsmith.


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